Climate change, energy transition overtaking the crisis
Will climate change accelerate? What physical and economic consequences will such a rapid change have over the next generation? What will be the effects of the coming petrol peak? And of petrol prices of more than $150/barrel starting in 2020? What are the foreseeable scenarios from now until 2020-2030 in these two crucial domains? How can we accomplish energy transition? What help can we expect from scientific and technological innovations? What are our options to avoid this crisis? Powerful answers to the above questions are provided by the report prepared by Senators Pierre Laffitte and Claude Saunier for the Parliamentary Office for the Evaluation of Scientific and Technological Choices. This report underlines the necessity to immediately work towards energy transition, in order to best prepare the economy and the future job market.
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Energy transition
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Energy technology, Environment, Environmental technology, Expert-based, Governance, Parliament involvement, Public participation, Risk, Sustainability, Transport technology
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Office Parlementaire d´Evaluation des Choix Scientifiques et Technologiques of the French Parliament (OPECST)