Parliaments and Civil Society in Technology Assessment
PACITA is a four-year EU financed project under FP7 aimed at increasing the capacity and enhancing the institutional foundation for knowledge-based policy-making on issues involving science, technology and innovation, mainly based upon the diversity of practices in Parliamentary Technology Assessment (PTA). Such practices involve a range of methods of cross-disciplinary expert studies, stakeholder involvement, citizen consultation and parliamentary discourse.
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Countries in scope:
Denmark, Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Norway, Bulgaria, Portugal, Flanders-Belgium, Spain, Switzerland, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Ireland, Hungary
TA methodology
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other parcitipating instituts
Contact person:
Edgaras Leichteris
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Project leader:
The Danish Board of Technology Foundation (DBT)
Partner institutes:
Institute for Technology Assessment and Systems Analysis (ITAS) (ITAS)
Knowledge Economy Forum (KEF)
Institute of Technology Assessment (OeAW ITA)