CAPCIT (2013) Neuromodulation and Neuroelectronics Opportunities and challenges for the Catalan healthcare system and industry. CAPCIT-Bulletin No. 1, April 2013,
Key concepts: — Neuromodulators are a new generation of pacemakers that act on the nervous system rather than on the heart. — They correct the electrical activity associated with neurological and psychiatric disorders. — They offer supplementary or alternative treatment to drugs, with fewer side effects and potential for greater efficacy. — Opportunity for the Catalan economy. Rapidly growing new large-scale global industry. — Challenge I for the Catalan healthcare system. High cost. Need for cost-benefit analysis. — Challenge II for Catalan industry. Development of neuromodulation technology involves large investments and long turn-around times.
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policy brief
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Advisory Board of the Parliament of Catalonia for Science and Technology (CAPCIT)