BAS (2017) Analizy BAS 4(146), Indoor Tanning in Poland and the world as a public Health issue
Article looks at the matters related to the indoor tanning in Poland and other countries which belong to the World Health Organization. In the first section the author presents the origins of current popularity of tanned skin and the data on usage of indoor tanning facilities. Next, the negative health effects associated with the indoor tanning and excessive tanning, such as skin cancer, accelerated skin aging and eye diseases, are described. The final section contains a review of legislative actions taken by selected countries to protect their citizens against the negative effects of indoor tanning, which include such measures as access restrictions, information requirements, bans on advertising and promotions, and staff training obligations.
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project report
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Publication URL:$file/Analiza_BAS_2017_146.pdf
Bureau of Research / Biuro Analiz Sejmowych (BAS) of the Polish Parliament (the Sejm) (BAS)
Wojciech Stefan Zgliczynski