Committee on Cultural Affairs (2013) A book is a book is a book? An in-depth study on e-books in Sweden. Summary of research report 2013/14:RFR3, Sveriges Riksdag
The purpose of the study was to describe and analyse the e-book and put it in a larger context. The focus is on issues of relevance to policy. The study reflects the key players and current topics and provides an international outlook. In addition, it includes an overview of the supply, market and consumption of e-books, and not only of the commercial market, but also non-commercial supply. It also describes, in brief, the laws and regulations relating to e-books. Three areas of specialisation are discussed in particular: e-book reading, privacy issues and the question of public library lending. The study is based on research, statistics, reports, articles and interviews.
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project report
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Evaluation and Research Secretariat at the Swedish Parliament (PER) of the Swedish Riksdag (PER)