Committee on Culture, Science, Education and Media of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (CoE) Recommendation 1836 (2008) - Realising the full potential of e-learning for education and training – (Rapporteur: Axel E. Fischer, Doc. 11523, Reply from the Committee of Ministers in March 2009)
The development of e-learning tools has had considerable impact on education and training. However, such tools are not yet used to their full potential for the benefit of education in Europe. Educational institutions should be equipped with the technical infrastructure and software and co-operate between themselves in order to create synergies. Teachers should be aware and know how to apply new electronic means of teaching and communicating with their students. Education ministries must be able to evaluate study periods of e-learning and degrees so obtained. E-learning also offers new opportunities for vocational training, continuing education and in-house company training and has the potential of being a powerful means of creating open educational resources accessible to all and thereby counteracting a divided knowledge society.
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